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Skull-Base Tumors

“Skull base” is a term used to refer to the region of the head that lies beneath the brain and at the base of the skull.

Conditions most commonly addressed at the skull base include tumors and abnormalities of the blood vessels leading to the brain. These abnormalities are often highly complex to manage because of the complicated anatomy at the base of the skull. Tumors and vascular abnormalities in this area often require a team approach, using the expertise of physicians from multiple specialties.

We have assembled a team of these specialists that meet on a regular basis to address the management of patients with complex abnormalities of the skull base. This team comprises physicians from neurosurgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, radiology, radiation oncology and medical oncology that, together, coordinate the care of patients with all types of skull-base tumors.

Types of Skull-Base Tumors

  • Meningiomas
  • Acoustic neuromas
  • Schwannomas
  • Chordomas
  • Chondrosarcomas
  • Glomus tumors
  • Metastases
  • Craniofacial malignancies

Treatment Options

Specialized therapeutic techniques are available for the treatment of skull-based tumors.  In addition to surgical approaches and minimally invasive approaches, Washington University neurosurgeons also utilize Stealth surgical navigation, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, radiation therapy, and novel chemotherapy protocols to provide the safest and most definitive treatment available.


The Skull-Base Tumor Conference is held the second Tuesday of every month. Physicians from neurosurgery, radiology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, and ophthalmology review cases to determine an optimal treatment plan for each patient. 

Physicians wishing to submit cases for review should contact the Skull-Base Coordinator at (314) 747-6143.


Neurosurgery Providers

Medical Oncology Providers

  • David D. Tran, MD, PhD

Neuroradiology Providers

  • Franz J. Wippold II, MD
  • Tammie Benzinger, MD, PhD
  • Joshua S. Shimony, MD, PhD

Otolaryngology Providers

  • Richard A. Chole, MD, PhD
  • Jason A. Diaz, MD
  • Bruce H. Haughey, MBChB
  • Timothy E. Hullar, MD
  • Jonathan L. McJunkin, MD
  • J. Gail Neely, MD
  • Brian Nussenbaum, MD
  • Jason T. Rich, MD
  • Ravindra Uppaluri, MD, PhD

Ophthalmology Providers

  • Steven Couch, MD
  • Philip L. Custer, MD

Radiation Oncology Providers

  • Hiram Gay, MD
  • Jiayi Jay Huang, MD
  • Jerry J. Jaboin, MD, PhD
  • Clifford G. Robinson, MD
  • Joseph R. Simpson, MD