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Arindam Rano Chatterjee, MD

Position: Endovascular Surgical Fellow

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Residency: University of Tennessee-Memphis


Medical School: University of Tennessee-Memphis


Undergraduate: Columbia University, New York


Clinical Interests: Endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular disease  including aneurysms, AVM embolization, and acute stroke intervention.  Endovascular spinal angiography and intervention.  Image guided head and neck interventions.  Advanced brain imaging techniques including resting state, functional MRI, and diffusion tensor imaging tractography.  Diagnostic neuroradiology.  


Research Interests: Investigating the role of imaging emerging and existing modalities in cerebrovascular and spinal vascular disease.  Investigating the efficacy of emerging endovascular devices and techniques for the treatment of cerebrovascular disease.  


 Hobbies: Running, biking, woodworking, photography, traveling


Publications (only published; not submitted):

  • Duszak R, Chatterjee A, Schneider D.  National Fluid Shifts: Fifteen Year Trends in Paracentesis and Thoracentesis Procedures.  Journal of the American College of Radiology, Vol. 7 (11): 859-64, November 2010. 
  • Huang Y, Hwang DR, Narendran R, Sudo Y, Chatterjee R, Bae SA, Mawlawi O, Kegeles LS, Wilson AA, Kung HF, Laruelle M.  Comparative Evaluation in Nonhuman Primates of Five PET Radiotracers for Imaging the Serotonin Transporters: [11C]McN 5652, [11C]ADAM, [11C]DASB, [11C]DAPA, and [11C]AFM.  Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, Vol. 22 (11): 1377-1398, November 2002.  
  • Mawlawi O, Martinez D, Slifstein M, Broft A, Chatterjee R, Hwang D, Simpson N, Ngo K, Van Heertum R, Laruelle M.  Imaging Human Mesolimbic Dopamine Transmission with PET:  I. Accuracy and Precision of D2 Receptor Parameter Measurements in Ventral Striatum.  Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Vol. 21 (9): 1034-1057, September 2001.